Nutritional deficiency is a major cause of disease and ill health, even in the Western world. The majority of people consume a considerable amount of processed food. As a result, nutritional deficiencies are inevitable.

Research proves that common epidemic diseases are directly due to nutritional deficiencies and dietary imbalances play a greater role than any other factor in the cause of ill health.

Optimal health is directly dependent upon how well we are nourished. The nutritional status of each person changes rapidly. Each year it changes significantly, even every month and every day, down to every meal. These variations are based upon factors such as social habits, medical care, exercise, mental stress, weather conditions, the consumptions of or exposure to toxins and the consumption of refined foods.

For instance, an individual who is exercising in hot weather and sweats excessively may rapidly develop a deficiency in sodium and potassium, as well as vitamin C, despite being physically fit, while another person staying indoors in an air conditioned room might have all the vitamin C and sodium they need. In contrast, an individual living in a cold climate will readily become deficient in panthotenic acid, a nutrient crucial for maintaining the adrenal glands’ response to cold weather. Someone who frequently consumes antibiotics will develop significant B-vitamin deficiencies. A person who eats sugar will destroy most of their chromium and B-vitamin stores, while a person who eats a steak or baked potato will add to theirs. Whole unprocessed foods provide nutrients while refined foods destroy them.

Stress also determines nutritional requirements. For example an individual experiencing mental duress, may require larger amounts of vitamin C, zinc and pantothenic acid compared to a person whose life is relatively stress-free.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women require a significantly greater intake of certain nutrients than those who are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

The human body thrives on minerals. Unfortunately we eat few mineral-rich foods. Instead large quantities of mineral-depleted foods such as white flour products, white rice, refined corn products, refined sugar and canned produce.

Nutritional deficiencies can easily be detected using a Bio-resonance machine.

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