Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest healing systems, it includes herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, food therapy, and physical exercise. TCM is a fully institutionalised part of Chinese health care and widely used with western medicine.

The body is an organic whole, all the component parts are interconnected, they depend and restrict each other physiologically, influence each other pathologically. The five organs act as the core functional units, and through the linking of the meridian system, a complex set of inter-relationships are formed within the body. Every part of the body has special relationships with the five organs, and the five organs themselves are inter-related too. 

Furthermore, qi (vital energy or life force), blood and body fluids are the material basis for various body functions; they flow through the body to facilitate all parts of the body working together and to ensure the unity and harmony inside the body. 

TCM treatments are £40 for 30 min or £70 per hour

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training (BRMT)

Movement and a good environment is essential for babies. They have to follow their inborn primitive reflex pattern programmes from when they first start developing in utero through to their complete integration into the whole body movement system. When steps are missed along the way whether because of pre-natal trauma, birth injury, environmental conditions or just too long a time spent in inappropriate baby equipment with very little time spent exploring the floor, then the foundations of brain organisation and postural abilities are not established.

Rhythmic movement training is about resetting these foundations. The simple healing exercises stimulate the ability of the brain and nervous system to renew and create new nerve connections and how these exercises help a person to develop, mature and heal physically, emotionally and mentally. It was developed by Dr. Harald Blomberg in Sweden.

My BRMT consultations lasts one hour and costs £50

Bio-resonance frequency therapy

The principle behind Bio-resonance is the principle Einstein has found more than 100 years ago – that matter is actually energy frequency, in which the frequency (or speed) of it is so low that it is perceivable by the physical senses. Every cell in the body vibrates at a particular frequency. Groups of cells in an organ or system have multiple vibrational frequency patterns which are unique and harmonious with the bigger system which is the whole body. While some frequencies are health supporting, others are detrimental to our health. Frequencies that are dissonant with us cause us to be out of balance, whereas frequencies that are resonant with us bring us back to balance.

To take a simple example of Bio-resonance at work, found in nature – think of the sunlight; some frequencies will warm you up, other frequencies will tan your skin and some make a beautiful rainbow. Life on earth is based on frequencies. Bioresonance works for humans as well as for animals and even for plants.

Bio-resonance analysis costs £50 per hour, harmonisation at my practice are £40 per hour, remote harmonisation £20 per hour

Nutrition and food

Nutritional deficiency is a major cause of disease and ill health, even in the Western world. The majority of people consume a considerable amount of processed food. As a result, nutritional deficiencies are inevitable.

Research proves that common epidemic diseases are directly due to nutritional deficiencies and dietary imbalances play a greater role than any other factor in the cause of ill health.

I offer a cooking service of fresh and organic meals tailored to your needs delivered in Central London. I am experienced in SCD and GAPS- diet, all ingredients are gluten, dairy free and organic.

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Natal care

For women who fear pregnancy and the birth process and hoping to experience an empowered birth. I believe it is imperative for soon to be mothers to seek out knowledge and prepare themselves on every level for pregnancy and childbirth.

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I offer these different therapies, to find out which one suit you best please get in touch. Home and work visits are available at extra costs.