I was traumatised even before I was born.

My mother was pregnant with me when my parents decided to leave Vietnam after the war. They paid a boat owner to smuggle them out and I was born in a refugee camp in Malaysia. With me as a newborn and five older boys my parents accepted an invitation to come to Sweden. I grew up in idyllic Sweden but life was anything but idyllic at home where my parents, especially father struggled to settle and integrate with Swedish society. Since a very young age I knew that I had to leave my family to live a fulfilled life, a life with authenticity and purpose. At 18 I left with one rucksack and arrived in London.

London has been home ever since and my journey of trauma healing and self discovery began then.

At 28 I was incredibly fortunate to be introduced to my therapist Tricia Sterry who still to this day acts as my Enlightened Witness. More than anyone, she has helped me find my fragments, enabling me to heal and integrate them back within myself.

Around the same time I also started my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, specialising in Tui Na, Acupuncture and Thai bodywork with medicinal herbal compress.

Since having my first child in 2010 I became very passionate about pre and post-natal care. Having given myself acupuncture throughout both my pregnancies and labours I had two wonderful water-births at home, with my last child weighing a whopping 5kg without any drugs or complications.

I believe it is imperative for mothers-to-be to seek knowledge and prepare themselves as much as possible for pregnancy and childbirth. This is to give the child the best possible start to life and prevent possible traumas.

In 2012 I was introduced to Dr. Harald Blomberg from Sweden who for many years has been helping children and adults suffering from brain developmental delay and non-integrated infant reflexes. After Tricia Sterry, his methods has helped me to understand and heal myself tremendously. I have been studying with him ever since.

In January 2019 I stumbled upon a talk on Youtube by Dr. Gabor Mate and this is the third person that has truly changed my life. Although I have been in therapy most my adult life and knew that I had problems and issues which impacted my life, I never once thought that I had been traumatised. Listening to Dr. Gabor Mate talks and after reading all his books it elevated my understanding in a completely different way.

On June 15, I was at a Trauma conference where Dr. Gabor Mate was lead speaker and ten minutes into the seminar he started talking about brain development and its connection to trauma. I spoke to him afterwards and was inspired to start his Compassionate Inquiry course.

I endeavour to offer all my clients a safe space where compassion and authenticity is of utmost importance. Finding true essence and soul-evolution is my aim.