If I could picture what trauma does to me I would describe it as causing fragmentations to my body and soul. Some of these fragments are being hidden and ignored, others rejected and blamed or shamed. For as long as I have not dealt with the trauma, I can never feel whole or at peace within myself because there will always be a piece of me missing. This can lead to addictions, dis-ease or behaviours that are not self-serving but of course until the fragment that is missing has been healed and integrated, one can never feel complete.


For me personally, I have been very lucky to have found a therapist that has helped me find and heal my fragments. I have been seeing Tricia Sterry for the past 13 years and I would not be where I am today without her help.

Block clearance therapy (BCT) she calls her therapy and it uses many different methods to find the trauma.

I have also recently discovered Internal Family System (IFS), although I have only experienced it once this therapy seems to be effective in trauma healing.

Compassionate Inquiry is a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté that reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world. I am very excited and grateful for have been accepted to start this course in August.