Electro magnetic frequency (EMF)


It is well known within biology that every cell in the body has over 100 000 bio-chemical reactions per second, and that DNA in every cell vibrates with frequencies of several million Hertz (Hz), which unfortunately is the same area as the modern mobile communications system is working within. It has been shown that when cells are stressed, which means that they are forced to follow (swing with) the frequency that comes from the outside which unfortunately often has an incorrect form and too high energy for the bodily cells to withstand.

We can divide electro-magnetic radiation into five different sections:

  • alternating electric fields

  • alternating magnetic fields

  • static continuous electric fields

  • static continuous magnetic fields

  • high frequency electro-magnetic waves

Professor Martin Blank, USA 20017 wrote in a report “Cells in the body react to electro-magnetic fields the same way it does chemicals and heavy metals. The cells recognise electro-magnetic fields at low levels and react by producing stress-response”.

Dr. Blank compares our DNA with what electric engineers who work with EMR-readings calls a “fractal antennae”. A fractal antennae is an antennae that picks up multiple different frequencies within the EMR-spectrum. Unfortunately our DNA satisfies the requirements of a fractal antennae, i.e. the electrons in the DNA leads the electricity and that the DNA contains several different coils in the nucleus.

A DNA molecule contains coils with lengths according to the following:

Double helix 1nm

Chromatin fibre 10nm

Solenoid 30nm

Hollow tube 200nm

Everyone of these different coils react to frequencies within the EMF-spectrum, which explains why our DNA reacts to multiple different frequencies resulting in us not knowing which is the most harmful to us.

The use of wireless technology has increased exponentially in the last decade, and new products are constantly emerging. By contrast, virtually nothing about the health risks are heard of, despite wireless systems sending out microwave radiation.

Few people know that the radiation is classed as carcinogenic, that it can cause brain tumours and other cancer forms. It is also not well known that radiation can be an important factor behind sleep disturbances, mental health problems and behavioural disorders, or that learning and concentration abilities can worsen.

Children and teens these days use mobile phones and other wireless technology in a wide scope which far exceeds the use a few years ago. Wireless networks are installed in schools and students are given their own pad or laptop without information about the risks. In addition, children are being passively exposed to an increasing amount of radiation from more and more sources, for example from mobile masts being placed near schools and homes.

A growing body is sensitive to environmental impacts and the risks with the new wireless technology are too high for children and teens. No other previous generation of children has been exposed to such high levels and for so long. This increase happens paradoxically in parallel with more research showing the harmful effects of radiation.

Microwave-radiation and low-frequency electro-magnetic fields are classed as possible carcinogenic, class 2b, by the International Cancer Research Institute (IARC). In the same category is also lead and DDT. The classifications are based mainly on research showing that mobile users are put at an increased risk of brain tumours and at research showing an increased risk for child leukaemia nearby masts. Studies has also shown that children and youths run a greater risk than adults for cancer. Children with cancer has worse survival rates if they live or spend a lot in environments with high levels of radiation.

Children to mothers who used their mobile phones often during pregnancy and the child’s first years, run a greater risk of suffering from behavioural difficulties. The same effect has been shown on rats exposed during early pregnancy. They had ADHD-like symptoms and worse memory when they were fully grown. Research has shown that mice exposed to mobile radiation become more aggressive and anxious.

Anxiety and lack of joy are also common symptoms related to being exposed to radiation. In most studies on young mobile users, the children that used the mobile most also had worse mental health and increased occurrence of headaches and sleep disturbances. Repeated scientific studies has also shown that EMR and EMF can change the electric activity in the brain and worsen memory, concentration and learning capacity. Similar effects in the form of worsened memory has been seen in studies from both humans and animals. Besides increased cancer risks, studies has also shown an increase for different symptoms from wireless technology: sleep disturbances, concentration problems, headaches, disturbance of heart rhythm, dizziness, nausea, lack of joy and behavioural changes.

Radiation interferes with birds natural navigation system.

Radiation interferes with birds natural navigation system.

A scientific study has shown that the foetus and newborns heartbeats are negatively affected when pregnant women and women with newborn babies use their mobile phones. The effect on the heartbeat was greater the earlier in the pregnancy the mother used the mobile.

Pretty much all environmental and health authorities over the world have agreed that especially children are sensitive to different environmental factors, something we have have to take into consideration when it comes to children being exposed to microwave radiation and low frequent electric magnetic fields.

There are critical periods during the childs’ development when they are more sensitive to environmental factors and when electro-magnetic fields and microwaves can permanently damage the biological system.

The foetus stage is particularly sensitive and the nerve system continuous to develop throughout the teenage years.

Children have smaller heads and thinner skulls then adults, which is why they absorb more radiation. A childs’ head can absorb double the amount of radiation and the heads’ bone marrow ten times the radiation than an adult. As the radiation reaches deeper inside children’ heads they had a greater risk of developing a tumour deep in the brain which can be more difficult to treat.

Children’ cells renew themselves faster so they are generally more sensitive to all factors which damage the cells’ DNA. Both microwave radiation from wireless technology and low frequent electro-magnetic fields can damage the cells DNA and thus give rise to many different diseases.

Children exposed to carcinogenic subjects in their early childhood has a greater risk of developing cancer during their life. Research has shown that mobile phone users who are children and teens run a greater risk than adults to develop brain tumours from mobile phone use and they run a greater risk of cancer if they spend long periods nearby telephone masts.

Born and unborn children need a healthy environment to develop as they should, especially during the foetus stage. There are many sensitive developmental stages during this period, many microwaves damage nerd cells and and inhibit a normal development of the brains centre for behaviour and memory.

Wireless technology is incredibly harmful to people, especially children. Screen time also prevents the brain from developing naturally.

Wireless technology is incredibly harmful to people, especially children. Screen time also prevents the brain from developing naturally.

Here is some advice on how to reduce the health risks by lowering the exposure for harmful radiation. A rule of thumb is to avoid wireless technology and keep a distance.

Internet: Replacing the wireless internet connection to one with cables is a fast and easy way to reduce radiation.

A wireless home telephone (DECT): Emits microwave radiation similar to that of mobile phones. In addition the base unit also sends out microwave radiation similar to that of a mobile mast, 24 hours. Changing to a telephone with cable is a fast and easy way to reduce microwave radiation.

Computer: Increasing the distance to the computer and screen reduces the exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Mobile phone: A traditional mobile phone usually only emit microwaves when its being used. However a newer smart phone uses apps that in many cases makes the mobile deliver microwave radiation throughout the day and night, even when it’s not being actively used for conversation or internet. Keeping the phone at a distance from the body can reduce significant radiation.

Common symptoms from radiation:

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness

  • Tiredness

  • Irritation

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Lack of joy

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Skin disorders

  • Food intolerance

There are now many products specialising in protection from harmful EMF, I have a device called Duplex which emits harmonising frequencies to counteract electro-smog, geological disturbances and etc.

I also do not have any wifi at home, all internet is connected with a cable and my mobile phone is always left in the kitchen switched off when I go to sleep.